Okinawa 2021 Journey



Combined trip to Okinawa in 2021 with Zensekai, Zentokukai, Koshinkan and Zenshu-Ha.

Travel to Okinawa in 2021 along with members of our sister associations. We are planning this trip together in our continued efforts to support each other and promote traditional Karate and Kobujitsu. At our last Gathering many new friendships were made and we would like to continue forging relationships by traveling together to Okinawa.

This is a special trip as it provides the opportunity for many who have never visited Okinawa an easier experience by traveling with experienced Okinawa visitors which will make the planning and logistics much much easier.

1st week of November 2021
This is a tentative date (it may change if we can find cheaper airfare). This is time frame where tourism is low and the Typhoon Season is just ending and it is not as hot as the summer months.

Airfare:  $1200-1700
Lodging:  $800-1200
Total (including misc):  $3000-3500    (per-person)

Depending on the amount of interest for this trip it is being considered to by-pass a Gathering in 2020 in order for every one to save money for this Okinawan trip.  When we have more information we will let you know.

If you are interested please let us know as soon as possible. It takes a long time to plan a trip with these logistics so we have to start soon.

Please fill out the form to place your name on the list. We would like to get a list going to see how many people are interested so we can begin to plan logistics and more accurate timelines for this historic journey.

Okinawa 2021
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"Once we meet, we are family"
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