Rocky Mountain Ryu Te

Rocky Mountain Ryu Te is dedicated to keeping alive the Life Protection Art founded by Taika Oyata.

This is a Life Protection Art that relies upon technique and not strength.

Aspects of the art:

  • Tuite:  Joint manipulation / locks
  • Kyusho:  Pressure point strikes that occur during technique
  • Kata:  A specific pattern of movements that form the foundation for technique
  • Bogu Kumite:  Full contact sparring

Taika preferred the term Life Protection Art to that of Martial Art.  Life Protection signifies that we protect the life of family, friends, and anyone being threatened.  The practice of Life Protection also protects those that are intent on harming others.  Taika’s Art is a a way to help make the world a better place.

Instructor/Owner- Glenn Wuenstel Kyoshi 7th Dan

Member of Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu Founding member of Zensekai Karate Kobujitsu RenMei and Oyata Kobujitsu.

Glenn has been training in Ryu Te since 1994. He started training and received his Shodan (first degree blackbelt) under Kyoshi Gary Shull while living in Columbia South Carolina. Moving to Tomball Texas in 2000, Glenn continued to study and progress along the path of Ryu Te being inducted into Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu, Taika’s family art. In 2007 Glenn moved to Woodland Park Colorado and opened the Rocky Mountain Ryu Te dojo in an effort to ensure that the Life Protection Art as taught by Taika Oyata will continue to live on in the world.

Dojo / Class Information
Classes are very personalized with a large amount of individual attention and customized instruction.

Typical class:

  • Stances, punches, blocks, and kicks
  • lDemonstration of a particular topic or technique
  • Train the topic or technique
  • Train kata (forms)

Additional training:

  • Pad work – chest pads for giving and receiving punches
  • Bogu gear training (full contact gear)
  • Weapons – chizikunbo, tanbo, tonfa, nunchaku, cane, jo, bo, sai, manji sai, kama, eku, and nunte

Areas of interest:
Customized training depending upon the students areas of interest. 

Dojo / School name: Shin Kyu Kan 
I am very humbled to have received a personalized school name from Kyoshi Shull (my first instructor in Taika’s Art) at the inaugural seminar.

Glenn Wuenstel


Bogu Kumite
Bogu Kumite is the Ryu Te version of full contact sparring.

The head gear is similar to Kendo gear and will prevent serious injury from strikes to the head.

In class the gear is used for training more than Ippon Kumite or one point sparring.  Putting the gear on helps students to understand the importance of blocking and to get the feeling of being hit.

Just because the gear is on does not mean that full contact is being used but it is a way to put training to a higher test when you know the training partner will hit you in the head if you don’t block.

As with everything in class the level of intensity will be adjusted to the students level.

Shin Kyu Kan
Place of Profound Research

Don’t think this is just book research though!  It is quite a place of practical not just theoretical research…as the Guiding Principles state “…Be cautious about becoming too theoretical or technical because these too are weaknesses.”

Glenn was promoted to 7th degree in February 2019 and awarded the rank of Kyoshi at the same time by Hanshi Greg Lindquist.
Glenn at Taika's 60th anniversary of training.

Contact / Information

Shin Kyu Kan
Rocky Mountain Ryu Te Dojo
Rocky Mountain Ryu Te LLC

Kyoshi Glenn N Wuenstel – Owner / Sensei
Phone: 719-422-DOJO (3656)

735 Gold Hill Pl S, Woodland Park, CO 80863

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