Zensekai Karate Kobujitsu Renmei (ZKKR) is a organization with the goal of carrying on the legacy of Taika Oyata's Life Protection Art.

Taika applies Tuite on Greg Lindquist

ZKKR Organizational Structure

Hanshi Greg Lindquist – Head of System

Kyoshi Matt Cowen – Designated successor to the Art

Kyoshi Glenn Wuenstel and Renshi Manny Agosto – Juyaku (Executives)

In January of 2020 Hanshi Lindquist presented Kyoju Dairi Certifcates to Kyoshi Wuenstel and Renshi Agosto.

June 2019 Hanshi announced that when he passes or is incapable of running ZKKR, that Kyoshi Cowen will succeed him as the head of the Art.  Kyoshi Wuenstel and Renshi Agosto will be the leaders of the business aspects ZKKR.  Further, the first year will be handled without major changes to respect Hanshi Lindquist and maintain continuity.  Thereafter Kyoshi Cowen, Kyoshi Wuenstel, and Renshi Agosto will lead the organization as they feel appropriate.

Lindquist, Agosto, and Wuenstel with Kyoju Dairi Certificats