Goeikan is the dojo of Kyoshi Joseph Krystofik

Kyoshi Krystofik was given the dojo name by Hanshi Lindquist. 

Go – Strength, power, splendor          Ei – Defend, protect          Kan – Training Hall

Instructor/Owner – Joseph Krystofik, Kyoshi

8th Dan, Kuzushi Te, ZKKR

7th Dan, Oyata Shin Shu Ryu

Kyoshi Krystofik began his karate journey in 1970 under Shihan Ralph Chirico, Isshin Shorin Ji Ryu Okinawa Te, attaining the rank of 3rd dan.  In 1992 he began studying under Taika Seiyu Oyata, eventually reaching the rank of 7th Dan in Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu.  After Taika Oyata’s passing, Kyoshi Krystofik began studying with Hanshi Lindquist because of his vast knowledge and dedication to preserving and passing on Taika’s art, and because his personality embodied that of the ancient bushi: kind, humble and generous.  He was promoted to 8th Dan by Hanshi Lindquist in July 2019.

Instructor/Owner- Jospeh Kyrstofik, Kyoshi, 8th Dan

Kyoshi Krystofik started his karate journey in 1970.

Dojo / Class Information

Classes are held at the Impact 360, 720 Golf Course Drive, Searcy, AR 72143

Adult classes for teens and adults ages 13 and up, are held Tuesday and Thursday, 7pm – 8:30 pm

Classes are very personalized with each student given individual attention and instruction

Kobujitsu (weapons)

Kysoshi Krystofik is an avid student of kobujitsu.  He is well versed in several ancient weapons; however, his primary interests are in the bo, jo, tanbo, and sai.

School of strength and protection

Kyoshi Joe Krystofik

Contact / Information

Kyoshi Joe Krystofik

Contact Goeikan Dojo

Searcy, AR 72143

Yudansha (Black Belts)
There are current and past student of Krystofik Sensei.

Steve Brown

Shodan (1946 – 2018)

Steve Brown began studying RyuTe Karate at the Searcy Athletic Club under Kyoshi Joseph Krystofik in 2006.  Steve was a Vietnam War Veteran, having served in the United States Air Force as a Radio Operator.  He had previous training in Jujitsu, but came to the karate class as a white belt beginner.  Steve was extremely dedicated and never missed a class or opportunity to train unless he absolutely was unable to make it.  Steve was always eager to help new and lower ranked students and frequently assisted with teaching the class.

Steve was extremely dedicated and never missed a class or opportunity to train unless he absolutely was unable to make it.  Steve was always eager to help new and lower ranked students and frequently assisted with teaching the class.  He was a true mentor to the younger students.  His keen eye for detail and ability to convey nuances of movements helped all his training partners as well as his instructor become better martial artists.  Steve was kind, generous and thoughtful towards all, and well-liked and respected by his karate family.  In 2015, Steve transitioned with Kyoshi Krystofik to Kuzushi Te karate in the Zensekai Karate Kobujitsu Renmei.

Steve battled through physical limitations, injury, and the onslaught of the effects of advanced age to achieve that which few achieve, the coveted black belt.  He was promoted to Shodan (First Degree Black Belt in Kuzushi Te Karate in 2016 at the age of 69, an age when most people have given up athletic pursuits, and settle in for a life on the sofa.  He was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, but continued to train until the disease progressed beyond his ability to do anything physical.  Steve truly lived the martial arts maxim, “Nin Tai” – Perseverance.  

Sadly, Steve succumbed to cancer and passed away on January 17, 2019.  While he is no longer with us in person, he remains with us in spirit.  

Arthur Ashby​


Arthur has been studying Okinawan karate since 2004 at 20 years of age, though as a youngster he was introduced to Asian martial arts by his father.  A Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Arthur’s father taught him kicking and striking techniques and free sparring. As a teenager, Arthur was a sparring partner for friends who competed in Golden Gloves boxing.  He began his journey in Okinawan karate while in college studying Shobayashi Shorin-Ryu and Yamane Ryu weapons under an Okinawan living in Russellville, Arkansas, Masayuki (Mabo) Ward.

After a time, Sensei Ward moved to a different part of the state and Scott Roberts became his primary instructor; however, Sensei Ward would come back around every week or two to continue instruction.  Arthur began teaching the kids class when he reached blue belt level.  To ensure Arthur’s kata and technique was crisp, Mr. Ward invited Arthur for personal training on the weekends.   Arthur trained under Sensei Ward for eight years, attaining the rank of First Kyu Brown Belt.

Upon moving back home to Augusta, AR, Arthur saw the opportunity to learn the life protection arts of Taika Oyata from one of his Black Belt instructors, Joseph Krystofik, who was teaching a short distance away in Searcy, AR.  Keeping with tradition, Arthur asked Sensei Ward for permission to study Taika Oyata’s art under Kyoshi Krystofik, and began training with him in the fall of 2012.  

After a year learning the techniques, kata, and weapons of Taika’s RyuTe system, Arthur was promoted to First Kyu Brown Belt.  He was promoted to Shodan (First Degree Black Belt) in May 2015.  During that year Kyoshi Krystofik left the RyuTe Association and formally joined the Zensekai Karate Kobujitsu Renmei and began studying Kuzushi Te Karate under Tasshi (now Hanshi) Greg Lindquist, Taika Oyata’s senior lifelong student at the time of Taika’s death in 2012.   Arthur immersed himself in studying and perfecting his skill in the life protection arts under the tutelage of Kyoshi Krystofik, Hanshi Lindquist and Kyoshi Matt Cowen (Senior Black Belt and Technical Advisor to the ZKKR) and was promoted to Sandan (Third Degree Black Belt) in July 2018.  

Marcus Royal


Marcus Royal, Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) began his study or RyuTe® Karate in 2001 under Kyoshi Joseph Krystofik, who had a small class in the fitness center at his work in Conway, AR. 

In 2002, after reaching fourth kyu (Green Belt) level Marcus began studying directly with Sensei Krystofik at his class at the Searcy Athletic Club in Searcy, AR.  Marcus attended his first seminar with Taika Oyata in Kirkwood, Missouri, in 2005 as a brown belt.  He attended Taika’s Amarillo, TX, seminar in April 2006, in preparation for testing for black belt later that year.  He was promoted to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in July 2006 and Nidan in July 2010.  Marcus attended every Summer Conference and Birthday Seminar between 2006 and 20012 and also attended two Shihan Dai trainings in Kirkwood, MO in 2010.  Featured instructor at the Shihan Dai trainings was Tasshi Jim Logue.  Marcus discontinued his training at the Searcy dojo at the end of 2012.