Meiyobukan is the dojo of Kyoshi Darrell Pope

Kyoshi Pope was given the dojo name – Meiyobukan – by Kyoshi Gary Shull, his first instructor in Taika’s Life Protection Art.

Meiyo – Honor          Bu – Warrior          Kan – Hall

Kyoshi Pope has been studying martial arts for nearly 50 years!

ZKKR focuses upon:

  • Tuite:  Joint manipulation / locks
  • Kyusho:  Pressure point strikes that occur during technique
  • Kata:  A specific pattern of movements that form the foundation for technique
  • Bogu Kumite:  Full contact sparring

Oyakata Kobujitsu focuses upon:

Instructor/Owner- Darrell Pope, Kyoshi, 7th Dan

Kyoshi Pope at the Karate Kaikan in Naha Okinawa in 2017.

Dojo / Class Information
Classes are very personalized with a large amount of individual attention and customized instruction.

Individual classes are scheduled coordinating the availability of Kyoshi Pope and the students.

Darrell Pope, Kyoshi; Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu, Founding Member ZKKR and Oyakata Kobujitsu

Shuri Mon – 2017

Kobujitsu (weapons)

Kyoshi Pope is well versed in many of the Kobujitsu weapons.  He is particularly fluent in the use of the bo.

Place where honor and warriors reside

Darrell, Gary, Jim, and Glenn at Shuri Jo

Contact / Information

Kyoshi Darrell Pope

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Shelby, NC 28150