Kumiawase – “Putting Together”

Taika gave us these kata pairings in 2000

The idea is that you train these katas back-to-back and that by so doing you will "naturally discover" techniques that are made up of movements from the two katas.  In other words, these two kata have movements that lend themselves to creating a technique.

An easy definition of a technique is three (3) or more movements.  Rarely does a technique come from sequential movements from a single kata.

Taika Oyata's Kumiawase

Naihanchi Nidan <-> Pinan Shodan

Naihanchi Sandan <-> Pinan Yondan

Pinan Godan <-> Passai

Nahihanchi Nidan <-> Neseishi

Seisan <-> Pinan Yondan


Naihanchi Shodan <-> Seisan

Naihanchi Sandan <-> Pinan Godan

Taika said to do these pairs together multiple times in a row.  The idea is that you would go through kata 1 in its entirety and then kata 2 in its entirety.  Repeat.

Suggested training:

  • One pair per training day
  • Run each pair 5 times