Kyoshi Glenn Wuenstel Bio

Glenn Wuenstel, Kyoshi – 7th Dan, Juyaku*

Founding Member – Zensekai Karate Kobujitsu Renmei, Oyakata Kobujitsu, Kuzushi Te

Founder/President/Board Member – Oyata Preservation Foundation a nonprofit organization to preserve the Legacy of Taika Seiyu Oyata’s Life Protection Art

Member of Oyata Shin Shu Ho

Glenn first started Martial Arts training in 1989.  Starting with Aikido and followed by Taekwondo.

Upon moving to South Carolina in 1994, Glenn met Hanshi Shull and began his real training in the Life Protection Art of Taika Oyata.  The foundation learned under Hanshi Shull was built upon by both Taika, Tasshi Logue, and now Hanshi Lindquist.

In 2000 Glenn moved to Texas and trained on his own for a short time.  One of the people, John Hale, that Glenn introduced to Hanshi Shull’s school then moved to Texas as well and Glenn was granted permission by Taika to teach John.  John went on to get his Shodan under Glenn.

In 2000 Glenn was inducted into Oyata Shin Shu Ho as a Rokudan with the title of Renshi.

In 2007 Glenn moved to Colorado and opened the Rocky Mountain Ryu Te dojo.  Senior student Justin Teenor was already in Colorado as a Shodan.  Under Glenn Justin has reached Yondan.

Upon Taika’s passing Glenn followed Tasshi Lindquist (at that time he was Tasshi) and was a founding member and dojo under ZKKR.  Glenn offered to assist Greg with whatever he needed and thus began helping with the organization.  This role has grown over time.

In 2015 Kyoshi Shull bestowed the school name of Shinkyukan upon Glenn at the Inaugural Seminar.  Shinkyukan translates to "Place of profound research."  Glenn was honored and humbled to receive such a remarkable name.

Glenn organized a trip to Okinawa (the first of many trips he organized).  During this trip we presented the scrolls given to Tasshi Lindquist by Taika to Hokama Sensei.  Being well versed in Kanji and particularly as it relates to Martial Arts.  Hokama Sensei translated the scrolls to say that Greg Lindquist was granted the right to give rank in both Ryu Te and Oyata Shin Shu Ho.  Further that Greg being the only living recipient of the scrolls was the successor to Taika’s art.

Glenn was instrumental in getting Tasshi Lindquist recognized as a 10th degree with the title of Hanshi by the US Rengokai organization.  

In 2019 Hanshi promoted Glenn to 7th Dan with the title of Kyoshi.

In 2020 Hanshi bestowed Kyoju Dairi certificates to both Glenn Wuenstel and Manny Agosto.  This is a significant recognition of the dedication and perseverance to and in Taika’s Art and Hanshi’s organization to continue the Legacy of Taika Oyata.

2021 saw a major move from Colorado to Indiana.  Closer to family and another new opportunity to expand the reach of Taika Seiyu Oyata’s Life Protection Art.

In 2022 Glenn founded the nonprofit Oyata Preservation Foundation.  He serves as President and on the board.  See oyata.org for more details.

* 重役 – Jūyaku executive, director, high executive, heavy responsibilities