Tsugushikan is the dojo of Renshi Manny Agosto, Kyoju Dairi.

Renshi Agosto was given the dojo name by Hanshi Lindquist.  Manny’s former instructor and best friend Kyoshi Jed Oyasato (1964–2014), Nanadan, Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu had the dojo name Shisakan or Okinawan Lion Hall.  In order to show his respect to Jed, Hanshi LIndquist gave Manny the name Tsugushikan.

Tsugu – Inheritor          Shi – Okinawa Lion          Kan – Hall

ZKKR focuses upon:

  • Tuite:  Joint manipulation / locks
  • Kyusho:  Pressure point strikes that occur during technique
  • Kata:  A specific pattern of movements that form the foundation for technique
  • Bogu Kumite:  Full contact sparring

Oyakata Kobujitsu focuses upon:

Instructor/Owner- Manny Agosto Renshi 6th Dan, Kyoju Dairi

Renshi Manuel Agosto (Manny to his friends) started his martial arts journey in 1980.

Dojo / Class Information
Classes are very personalized with a large amount of individual attention and customized instruction.

Classes schedule varies based upon Renshi‘s schedule and availability of his students.

Manny Agosto, Renshi; Founding Member ZKKR and Oyakata Kobujitsu

Kobujitsu (weapons)

Renshi is an avid student of Kobujitsu.  With 40 years of experience he is well versed in many the ancient weapons.

Inheritor Okinawa Lion Hall

Manny in Hawaii
Manny at the Karate Kaikan with many of the senior members of ZKKR/OK.

Contact / Information

Renshi Manny Agosto

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Coral Springs, FL 33065