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Instructor – Glenn Wuenstel Kyoshi 7th Dan, Kyoju Dairi

Glenn began training in Ryu Te in 1994. He received his Shodan (first-degree black belt) under Kyoshi Gary Shull while living in Columbia, South Carolina. In 2000, after moving to Tomball, Texas, Glenn continued to study and progress along the path of Ryu Te. He was inducted into Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu, Taika’s family art. In 2007, Glenn moved to Woodland Park, Colorado, and opened the Rocky Mountain Ryu Te dojo. His goal was to ensure that the Life Protection Art, as taught by Taika Oyata, would continue to thrive in the world.

Anytime Fitness Karate for Health Class Information
Focus on the ABCs of karate – Aerobic, Balance, and Coordination


Kata (a set of movements):

  • Provides an excellent aerobic session
  • Focuses on balanced movements
  • Simultaneous movement of hands, arms, legs, and body will improve coordination

Complimentary to your existing workout routine:

  • Karate movements share a common base with your current workouts
  • Proper posture is part of karate and will improve your everyday posture which in turn improves your health
  • Excellent for a third workout day

Glenn Wuenstel

Place of Profound Research

Glenn was promoted to 7th degree in February 2019 and awarded the rank of Kyoshi at the same time by Hanshi Greg Lindquist.
Glenn at Taika's 60th anniversary of training.

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Kyoshi Glenn N Wuenstel – Owner / Sensei
Phone: 719-422-DOJO (3656)

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