Scheduling a Seminar

Hosting Hanshi for a Seminar

In hosting Hanshi for a seminar there are several requirements that need to be understood and addressed before either parties commit to a date. Some of these requirements are negotiable, and some are less negotiable, but will be able to discuss them in more detail if needed.

  1. Once a date has been agreed upon, you will need to compose an advertising flyer of which we will assist you in providing the proper information and pictures to properly promote the seminar and will need to be approved before circulation.
  2. The hosting dojo will pay for Hanshi’s flight as well as the flight for his otomo (assistant). This is applies, unless you have a personal relationship with him.  Hanshi may wave bringing his otomo based upon discussions you have with him. 
  3. The hosting dojo will pay for hotel expenses or provide accommodations for Hanshi and his otomo as well, if applicable.
  4. Hanshi’s fees per day will be privately discussed and is due either before the seminar or upon his arrival unless prior arrangements are made.
  5. Please review these terms and if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to developing a prosperous relationship.